Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shit Just Got All Unfigured

{I just came across this post I had written at the end of December 2011, but never published.  I thought it was a good snapshot of where I was at the time, so here you go.  It's crazy to think how much has changed in a year.  Enjoy!}

DECEMBER 2011 - As this year comes to a close, I look back on it as a truly life changing time. I feel stronger, yet more vulnerable than I ever have. I feel fresh and full of life, yet tired all the same time.

If you read my blog, then you are caught up through the middle of my year.   But as crazy as I thought the first 6.5 months were, I realize now that I had no idea how crazy life would become.

Incase I haven't seen or talked to you lately (which there is a good chance of) I will briefly update you on my happenings of the last few months.

After my bike crashes (yes, plural...I got hit by a car after taking my nasty spill in July. It was crazy, but I am fine. A few scrapes and bruises can't keep this girl down!) I continued training for my 1/2 ironman duathlon, sometimes logging as many as 100+ miles per week. My days were spent working, running and biking. As I neared the race, it consumed my life. In August, I worked my training schedule around a weekend in the mountains to support husband in his first attempt at the Leadville 100 mountain bike race. (You can read all about his experience here). While his race went a little different that expected, he did amazingly well and put up a very respectable time for his first LT100.  A handful of our very good friends were on hand to share the weekend and help provide support during the race. Words could not express my gratitude.

Mid- October, with our first full year of racing behind us we headed down to Hilton Head, South Carolina for my best friends wedding. We made new friends, laughed a lot, and celebrated the happy couple. With the exception of a missing wedding dress fiasco, it was a perfect weekend.

Two weeks later, our lives were flipped upside down with one phone call. But to be totally fair, we weren't completely blindsided, but had just decided to live our lives in the now instead of the "what might be". I guess I should clarify, this was great life changing news. Husband was offered a job as a Production Manager for Patagonia. In California. A dream job and an opportunity of a lifetime.

And as we had discussed the possibility before, we knew, "You don't say no to Patagonia."

So we began packing up all of our belongings and making a plan. We had less than a month before he had to be in Ventura to start work. We interviewed realtors who all had different opinions of what we should do with regards to our house.  To put it simply, we had 3 options: sell it as is for what we owed on it, do some minor repairs & hope to make a little money, or do a complete renovation and try to make enough for a significant down payment for a new house in California. The only option to us was #3. We had bought the house as a project house and that's how we intended to keep it.

We packed up the majority of our stuff and are using a spare room in the basement as storage. After a quick trip to Chicago & Indy for thanksgiving we put husband on a plane with a bike case & large duffle bag. This will be his worldly possessions until I am able to join him in California. my heart ached as we said goodbye and I was hopeful that we would be able to get everything done before Christmas so we could be together again. Unfortunately I way underestimated the amount of work that was being undertaken.

As it stands now we have an empty room where our kitchen used to be. Our old appliances are sitting in the dining room waiting for someone from Craigslist to buy them. There are 115 2x4s in the living room for framing the new basement walls. There is demolition dust everywhere. I make trips to Home Depot &/or Lowes daily. I'm still working full time & stay up most of the night doing construction & demo.  I'm exhausted and anxious for it to all be done.  At least now I can see things changing.

This year was my first birthday in 14 years that Erick wasn't with me to celebrate.  It's been hard to be so far apart but I am looking forward to our new adventure.

I just visited Ventura for the first time and got to meet so many Patagonia people while I was there. We already have amazing friends that I can't wait to get to know better. Hopefully I will be back there soon.   Hopefully this will all be done soon & my family can be back together. Because as much as I thought we had figured out a few months ago, has all been completely rearranged, or as husband said, "Shit just got all unfigured!"