Monday, May 16, 2011

I love my Bikes

This should say bikeS, plural. Last year when I let Husband talk me into getting 2new bikes (a handsome Gary Fisher 29er for him, and a beautiful Specialized Dolce road bike for me), my only stipulation was that we get rid of at least 2 of the bikes we had at home. So, with the help of good ol' Craigslist, we sold my old mountain bike and his old fixie. That took us down to a 4 bike family - a road bike and a mountain bike for each of us (I inherited his old mountain bike.)

Fast forward almost a year exactly, and I opened my big mouth and said I wanted a "junker" bike, one that I could take on the lightrail to and from work, I could ride downtown, and one that I could lock up somewhere and not be completely heartbroken (and broke!) if it was stolen.

Once again, trusty ol' Craigslist came through for us and on Sunday morning we responded to an ad for a "Single Speed Convert - $50". The size was perfect for me, and the price was right, so we went to check it out. Just so happened that the guy actually had two bikes, one just a larger version of the other...the perfect size for husband.

After taking a ride around the block, the very nice older gentleman selling the bikes said, "I'll tell you what, if you want them both, you can have them both for $50."


After chatting some more with the seller and exchanging $$ we loaded the bikes onto the yak rack and set off on our way. As we were driving away Husband said, "We are a six bike family again."

What the...?!?


Oh well, I love my bikes, all of them. The two in the workout room, the two in the basement, and the two new (to us) bikes that are currently leaning against the wall between the living room and the dining room. I mean, isn't that where you keep your bikeS?

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